What Are Some Good Methods of Studying for a Boiler Exam?


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Effective methods of studying for a boiler exam include attending a training course and taking notes in order to create your own study aids, meeting with other students to review the class topics, and taking practice tests. It may also help to purchase exam preparation guides to review prior to taking the actual test.

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Attending a boiler licensing preparation class often helps students identify the key concepts that appear on the license exam, and often include activities or other materials that highlight the most important concepts to install or repair boilers in that state. Regardless of the materials instructors give out, it is important to take thorough notes during each session in order to reinforce the concepts through repetition and create reference for reviewing the topics in the figure. The notes also allow students to create additional study materials, such as flash cards or worksheets, to help study more effectively.

It may also help to meet with other students in the class to review the topics for each session, such as by comparing notes and discussing the purpose of engineers with a specialty in boilers. Some students may also conduct informal quizzes or tests with each other, which allows the test creator to study the topics in order to make questions and helps the other students test knowledge. After taking a practice test, students should use the incorrect answer as an indicator of the topics to study next. Commercial study guides may also contain practice tests and other study aids.

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