What Is a Good Memorandum Style Format?


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The format of a memorandum should be single-spaced and left-justified. Indentations are not used. Instead, insert a blank line between paragraphs. A business memo should not exceed two pages in length.

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The heading segment of a memorandum contains who the memo is to, who the memo is from, the date, and subject. Insert a blank line between each of these items. Address the reader by the individual’s correct name and job title.

The opening paragraph of the memorandum should be formatted to include the purpose, context, problem and specific arrangements going forward. This introduction section should be brief and only contain a handful of sentences.

In later sections, address and expand upon the context as well as segmentation of the problem. Include a separate summary segment if the memo is over one page in length. Refer to all documents and attachments with a notation at the bottom of the memorandum. Headings may be used to assist the reader in locating the specific parts of the memo.

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