What Makes a Good Manager?

What Makes a Good Manager?

Qualities that make a good manager include results oriented, assertiveness, delegation and leadership, according to Forbes. The qualities that make a good manager vary depending on the organization, the manager’s specific objectives and the organization’s strategy.

Results-oriented managers have a clear vision of their goals and objectives and are motivated to reach them. They also tend to be ambitious and strive to be the best, to break records and surpass standards. These types of managers should be team players to succeed.

Good managers are also assertive and are able to reach objectives, close deals and negotiate. Assertiveness includes being able to effectively handle confrontation and implement unpopular decisions. Assertive managers should avoid making impulsive decisions and instead consult with others where necessary.

A strong manager is also able to delegate tasks, especially those that are less complex or analytical. Delegating tasks makes a manager more effective and efficient and helps to improve productivity among the team. Delegating tasks also helps to empower and motivate team members.

Lastly, a good manager should demonstrate good leadership. Good leadership entails leading, motivating and directing the team towards reaching its objective. Factors that influence leadership include effective communication, orientation, drive and authenticity. A manager may be democratic, consulting, directive or an achiever depending on their managerial style.