What Makes a Good Logo?


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A good logo is simple, memorable and appropriate for the product represented. A logo should also be easily scalable so that it fits on small promotional items such as business cards or on larger advertisements such as billboards.

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Simplicity ensures viewers immediately understand what the logo represents. A clear font, basic design and clean lines keep a logo simple. Logos with distracting details, such as extra lettering and taglines, can confuse viewers and cause them to focus more on the logo itself instead of what it represents.

Each logo iteration should use the same colors and designs so that customers can instantly recognize the company. A memorable logo should be original enough to stand out against other logos and stick in a customer's mind after seeing advertisements. A memorable logo helps brand recognition, which typically results in more business and profit.

Fonts, colors and designs all feed into the appropriateness of the logo. Bold, masculine fonts are not a good idea for a toddler day care service, for example, and a cutesy font does not portray the correct tone for a car shop. A business focused on organic materials might use earth tones, such as green and brown, to convey the correct tone.

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