Where Are Some Good Locations to Sell Used Clothes in New York City?


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Some stores that purchase used clothing in New York City include Beacon's Closet, Trunk Show Consignment, Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading, as of 2015. Each store accepts a wide range of clothing, as long as it is in good condition and of a contemporary style. Payment processes may vary between stores.

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Beacon's Closet does not require customers to make appointments to sell clothes, meaning anyone can come in during normal business hours to meet with a buyer and determine what items the store can accept. It prefers clothing to be clean and free of any stains or damage, though acceptance of certain items is up to the discretion of the buyer. It pays sellers with either 35 percent of the new retail price in cash or 50 percent of the new price in store credit.

Trunk Show Consignment works on the consignment method, wherein the store does not pay the seller anything until it actually sells the clothing. The portion of the seller's profits decreases the longer the clothing stays in the store unsold.

Buffalo Exchange reviews all clothing before making a sale offer to customers, paying a percentage of its new sale price for each item in cash.

Crossroads Trading offers a larger percentage of the sale price to customers willing to choose store credit. It allows customers to bring the clothing into a store location or mail the clothing to the store to receive payments at a later date.

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