What Are Some Good Legal Ways for Teens to Get Rich Quick?

What Are Some Good Legal Ways for Teens to Get Rich Quick?

Some ways for teenagers to legally make money quickly include starting a blog, developing a smartphone app, creating content on a video site, or selling items through an online retail service. In some cases, the teen may need the consent of an adult to link the appropriate monetization services and begin earning an income.

Starting a blog or website allows teens a great deal of freedom and a clear path to make money through advertising revenue. Content management systems such as WordPress allow teens to quickly start a site and configure customization options to create a unique online presence. Once the site gains traffic, teens can place ads on the site, participate in affiliate marketing programs and even sell digital content to earn money.

Smartphone apps also allow teens numerous creative options ranging from games to productivity tools. Apps allow the teens to earn money through ads, microtransactions or direct sales, but may require an adult or person over the age of 18 to access certain services.

Creating visual content for a site such as YouTube.com is also an option for teens, as these sites allow teens to earn a percentage of advertising revenue or promote products such as merchandise or other websites.

Another option is to sell goods on an auction site or crafts marketplace, which allows the teen more control over the product and greater access to potential customers.