What Makes a Good Leader Essay?

good-leader-essay Credit: Martin Barraud/Caiaimage/Getty Images

An essay about great leadership contains examples of excellent leaders and how their most prominent traits led to their social, political or economic success. When writing about leadership, one must take into account the unique management style of each example. By highlighting the differences between them, one can accentuate what makes that person stand out while also highlighting general leadership techniques.

According to Forbes, some of the most influential leaders are those who seek out innovation. They take a creative idea, construct a market for that idea, and then find ways to expand their audience. Jeff Bezos, chairman and CEO of Amazon, followed this example. He took a creative idea, Internet commerce, and found a way to make it available to the public. Today, as a result of his efforts, anyone with Internet access can shop on Amazon. It has a global market, and continues to expand its audience through search engine optimization and other inbound marketing techniques.

Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox, followed a similar journey in her rise to success. Even though she didn't create the company, she still found new ways to innovate it. When Xerox was having financial trouble in the early 2000s, Mulcahy showed leadership strength by refusing to cave in to pressure from Wall Street. Mulcahy's strength and perseverance allowed her to rebuild her company without the economic aid of shareholders.

Bezos and Mulcahy are just two examples of great leaders whose unique management styles helped achieve success.