What Are Some Good Jobs for Workers Over 60?

What Are Some Good Jobs for Workers Over 60?

Jobs that suit people 60 and older include many positions in the retail, health care and personal services industries. As of 2015, many Baby Boomers, who fit in this category, looking for second careers are choosing positions in these fields.

Many retail establishments are open to hiring older people to check out customers and re-stock inventory. In fact, some stores specifically seek retirees looking for part-time employment to fill positions.

The fast-growing field of health care offers a number of job possibilities for 60-year-olds and those who are older. Some of these jobs, such as an in-home caregiver, require little training, while others, such as a certified nursing assistant, require minimal training. Many hospitals hire older people to serve as concierges.

Those 60 and older with good driving records are candidates for positions as bus or limo drivers. Such jobs are often available through school districts and airports. Many public transportation districts also hire people of all ages to drive buses and dial-a-ride vehicles.

Driving comes in handy for personal assistant jobs in which the employee runs errands for an individual or a particular department within a business. Such errands often include picking up groceries and picking up and dropping off clothing at the cleaners.