What Are Some Good Jobs for Retired Navy Seals?

Some good jobs for retired Navy Seals include private security professional, paramilitary contractor and government service contractor. Other jobs that retired Navy Seals can take are business and professional pilot.

A retired Navy Seal can become a private security professional. Bill Gates, for instance, has former Navy Seals on his personal security team. People facing death threats can also use the services of retired Seals if they are ready to pay a huge salary.

A retired Navy Seal can become a paramilitary contractor. Good pay and freedom attract many retired Navy Seals to the job, since they can work for a few months and make thousands of dollars.

Many Seals who serve for more than 20 years become government service contractors after retirement. The pay is steady but poor, but it enables the Seals to double their federal retirement.

Being a business owner can keep a Seal busy after retirement. The founder of Blackhawk is a former Seal who has excelled in business.

Navy Seals who learn to be pilots can get a job with one of the leading airlines or private companies as a pilot after retirement. The job pays well and gives the Seal a chance to travel across the world.