What Are Some Good Jobs for People Who Are Over 50?


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Some good jobs for people who are over 50 include teaching or tutoring, personal care aide and grant coordinator. These jobs offer flexibility and the potential for industry growth, making them ideal choices for older workers.

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Teaching or tutoring is a common choice for older workers who have specialized skills. Teaching at a community college or vocational school can typically be either a full-time or part-time job, and teachers often have flexibility in their schedules and in what they teach. Serving as a private tutor is another option that allows workers to set their own schedules and pay rates.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs as personal care aides or home health aides to be the fastest-growing careers through 2020, due to increases in the elderly population. A personal care aide helps to care for elderly or disabled individuals, and the job often requires no special training, allowing employees to learn as they go.

Grant coordinators work to help public organizations secure grants and funding, often through grant writing. The job offers workers the chance to exercise writing skills and support causes they truly believe in. Over 1.5 million organizations use funding from grants to stay afloat financially, and many of these organizations hire on grant coordinators as consultants, giving coordinators more flexibility and freedom.

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