What Are Some Good Jobs That Offer Free Training?


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Some good jobs that offer free training are immigration inspector, sales representative and real estate broker. In addition, air traffic controllers and bakers also receive significant employer-sponsored training.

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An immigration inspector receives free training to keep current on immigration laws. In addition, free training for the job includes training for handling certain situations and best practices for completing tasks. Other topics include policies specific to the employer or job assignment.

Like immigration inspectors, air traffic controllers receive free training to learn procedures specific to the profession. The regulation of air traffic is unique to the profession, and employers provide as much as four years of training for new hires. Air traffic control training includes personal management skills designed to help employees succeed in a challenging work environment.

A sales representative receives free training to learn about the product she sells. Similarly, sales representatives and real estate brokers receive training in general sales skills. Additional training in both fields is often through on-the-job mentoring.

Employers often sponsor free training in sales jobs because employees routinely lack formal sales training upon hire. Lessons are often informal and can even occur on a mobile phone. On-the-job sales training is also highly personalized, with companies identifying employee strengths and weaknesses and tailoring training plans to maximize productivity. Bakers also receive free training because each bakery has a unique set of products that employees need to learn. Bakers must learn job-specific skills such as meeting production requirements on time and working in less than ideal conditions.

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