What Are Some Good Jobs for Loners?


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Good jobs for loners are those that do not require extensive or prolonged human interaction, such as painting or janitorial jobs. Jobs that require long hours doing solitary work, without co-workers around constantly, are excellent for those lone wolves that prefer their own company.

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A prime example of a job that is ideal for someone who prefers to be alone is painting. Oftentimes, painters need not interact with anyone while on the job and can paint completely independently. Painters can put on headphones to shut off the outside world and focus solely on the stroke of their paintbrush. Other painters might be present at the job site, but there is rarely any need to interact with them. Painters may need to interact with their managers, or operators, but this is a rare occurrence.

Another example of a job that does not require extensive or prolonged human contact, and is ideal for those that simply want to earn money without talking to others, is that of a janitor. Janitors often spend long hours alone in the various hallways of their assigned establishment, cleaning certain rooms only when nobody else is in it. Like a painter, there is rarely a need to interact with others as the job simply requires them to clean a given area.

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