What Are Some Good Jobs for Highschool Students?

What Are Some Good Jobs for Highschool Students?

Good job for high school students include working at a movie theatre, babysitting, gardening, working at an animal shelter or tutoring. High school students can also often find jobs at supermarkets, summer camps or restaurants.

High school students can sometimes find jobs at the concession stand or ticket booth of a movie theatre. Benefits of this job include seeing the latest movies for free and eating free popcorn.

Babysitting is another good job. Babysitters can often do their high school homework when the children they're caring for go to sleep.

Landscaping is a labor intensive job that may pay well. It involves mowing lawns, pulling weeds, raking leaves and even shoveling snow.

Pet sitting for neighbors involves feeding and walking dogs, as well as taking the dogs to a dog park. A high school student who prefers a more structured job may work at an animal shelter.

A high school student with car can work as a delivery driver. Pizza parlors, sandwich shops and Chinese restaurants often provide delivery service to their customers.

Tutoring is a good job for high school students who excel at math or science. Classmates or younger students often need extra help with these subjects. Summer camps often need teenage counselors to relate to the campers and help with activities.

Supermarkets often hire high school students to fill a variety of positions such as cashier, stock person and cleaning person. Restaurants also hire for a variety of positions including server, cook and dishwasher.