What Are Some Good Jobs for Former Teachers?


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Some good jobs for former teachers are becoming a principal, a vice-principal, an instructional trainer or an instructional designer. If leaving the education field completely, a former teacher can become a corporate trainer or a learning consultant for companies to train their employees more efficiently.

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What Are Some Good Jobs for Former Teachers?
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While teachers rarely enter the field thinking they may no longer want to teach children someday, the reality is that teaching is a rigorous job that becomes stressful over time. Overworked teachers frequently decide to take a hiatus or switch professions altogether. For many teachers, just getting out of the classroom and changing what they do in the school environment is enough to change up their routine and lighten their stress. These teachers can become special education teachers helping with reading and math disabilities, instructional trainers and designers that help build curriculum and teach teachers how to deliver it, and principals or vice-principals; these positions may require some additional training.

Teachers that choose to leave the educational field altogether find that many companies look to former teachers to give instructional lessons that improve an employee’s performance skills, provide new hire training programs and improve sales techniques and training programs. A teaching degree doesn’t just mean teaching children. This type of degree can lead into many different educational opportunities.

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