What Are Good Jobs for Communication Majors?


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Good jobs for communication majors include advertising, business management, government jobs, journalism, education, public relations and law. There are many sub-categories of jobs to go into as well; for example, journalism jobs for communications majors may include editing, reporting or copy writing. A person studying communication spends a great deal of time learning how to use messaging to sway other people toward a specific goal or to inform them of things they need to know.

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Those who use their communications degree in their career use facts and personal knowledge to communicate the information they want others to know. They spend much of their day using written and verbal communication to complete the duties set forth by their employer, manager or mentor.

Communication majors often work in offices but can be out in the field meeting with clients or potential clients. It is estimated that 75 percent of a person's day is spent using some form of communication, whether he or she has a degree or not.

Any field of study that attempts to provide information to those who need it, or those who are just simply interested in the information, is considered a communications field. However, some communications fields require more specialized education beyond a communications degree; for example, while law is considered a communications field, many jobs in the legal field require specialized study such as law school.

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