What Are Some Good Jobs for the Blind?

good-jobs-blind Credit: PhotoAlto/Sigrid Olsson/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Good jobs for the blind include just about any job that seeing people perform. Working in marketing and media, law, entertainment, retail sales and many other fields are good choices for visually impaired individuals. For blind people who don't have access to transportation, options include working from home in areas like telemarketing and customer service. Modern text-to-speech technology helps blind people work in many computer-related fields.

As with seeing people, visually impaired job seekers spend time on career exploration and thinking about what fields of work appeal to them. They consider their training and education along with personality and skills to consider industries that are a good fit. Career research helps visually impaired people avoid positions for which they are not qualified. Networking is important for blind people seeking a new career. Additionally, career fairs, Internet listings and local job service agencies are sources of job opportunities.

Although most jobs can be performed by blind people, social stigma prevents blind people from being hired for some roles. Many organizations provide services like outreach to prospective employers and job training services to help overcome the stigma. The biggest source of jobs for blind people as of 2014 is nonprofit organizations with missions of helping the blind and other disabled people. For instance, the National Industries for the Blind is a network of 91 organizations that employs about 6,000 blind people.