What Are Good Jobs for 18 Year Olds?


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Good jobs for 18-year-olds include restaurant server, fast-food worker, pizza-delivery person, web designer and coffee-shop barista. For those enrolled in college, good jobs include class tutor, campus tour guide, product evangelist, college-bookstore clerk, college-library assistant and on-campus events worker. Some of these jobs offer flexible hours, while others have rigid schedules. Most of these jobs pay minimally but offer valuable work experience.

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For college students, working in the college bookstore can be a great way to earn extra money because the job is located on campus and the hours are flexible. A job as a college-library assistant may pay minimum wage, but it offers the advantage of a large amount of downtime that can be used for studying. Many universities need workers to set up campus events, such as comedy shows. These jobs are temporary and typically pay around $10 an hour. Pizza delivery is a great option for any 18-year-old. The hours are flexible and the pay can be up to $125 a week for part-time work. Fast-food jobs are plentiful and offer work experience; however, pay is often little more than minimum wage and the hours are inflexible. A coffee-shop barista is a great job for those who wish to learn more about coffee. Pay is usually minimum-wage, but for college students working at an on-campus coffee shop, there are no evening or weekend hours. Some baristas also make tips.

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