What Are Some Good Investments to Make?


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Some good investments to make as of 2015 include precious metals, peer-to-peer lending and real estate, according to Daily Finance. There are also more unique investments, such as paying down one’s debt or investing in wine or collectibles.

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Peer-to-peer lending is a good way to avoid going through a banker when making investments, says Daily Finance. The benefit to this method is that there is generally a higher rate of return and lower interest rate. There is also more diversification of the loan portfolio, spreading the investment amount across multiple individual loans. Investing in precious metals may be slightly unconventional, but proves to be a good way to invest money. There are different ways to invest in precious metals like gold and silver, including jewelry, coins and bullion bars.

Paying down one's debt is a way to invest money in one's self, says Daily Finance. This also provides a guaranteed return. Spending extra money on one's own debt reduces the interest rate increases over time, thus giving more money in return. It also provides more money in the future once all the debt is paid off.

Real estate continues to be a popular investment, according to Daily Finance. Like precious metals, this is one of the only ways to have the investment as a physical commodity. Real estate is needed by people for shelter, in addition to commercial real estate. It can also produce more income through renting the property and with capital appreciation.

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