What Are Good Interview Questions for Prospective Day Care Employees?


When interviewing prospective day care employees, it is important to ask about their previous experience, their knowledge regarding early childhood education, their strengths and weaknesses and their professional influences. It is also helpful to have them observe children in the day care center and ask for their assessment of them. ChildCareExchange suggests posing hypothetical situations and asking how the prospective employees would respond.

When asking prospective day care employees about past experience, discovering what they learned from specific experiences may reveal more about the employees than a simple recitation of their resumé. The knowledge prospective employees have about early childhood education is vital, but even more important is ascertaining whether their priorities and values are a good fit for the day care center. Prospective employees should value safety and good relationships.

Asking prospective employees how they would like to grow and develop is a good way to tackle the topic of strengths and weaknesses while avoiding rote answers. Include questions about what they enjoy and find difficult about their work.

Having prospective employees perform an assessment on a child is an excellent way to determine their observational, writing and communicative skills and provides information on how much training the new hire needs. Finally, ChildCareExchange suggests asking how a prospective employee would handle a parent upset by finding her son dressed in girls' clothing in the dress-up station. The answer should reveal much about the prospective employee's underlying attitudes and ability to deal with parents.