What Are Some Good Interview Questions for Business Analysts?


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The majority of interview questions for business analysts revolve around the knowledge one possesses about the position and what one has done in regards to applying what they learned to real life situations. These questions are asked with the intention of finding out how much real-life experience the interviewee has.

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There are many interview questions out there, but what is more important is the concept that is trying to be learned from someone. Interviewers want to know that the person they are interviewing didn't just memorize a few formulas in school, they want to ensure the person understands the base formula to plug real life situations into. Here are some good base interview questions for business analysts.

  • "Tell me about yourself. Give me some strengths and weaknesses." Interviewers want to know what makes someone tick and what they value as important.
  • "What are some main business ethics involved in this field?"
  • "Would you ever lie for your employer?" Interviewers should ask this question because this gauges an employee's honesty and values and if they are willing to risk their job for the truth.
  • "How should difficult stakeholders or customers be dealt with?"
  • "Explain a time when you..." This can be an open ended question for the employer to be able to gauge an interviewee for anything they are specifically looking for or not wanting in the company.
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