What Are Some Good Interview Questions to Ask Potential Employees?

Good interview questions to ask potential employees include "What interests you about this job?" and "Why would you excel at this job?" to determine a candidate's career goals and skills. Many interviewers begin by stating "Tell me about yourself" to allow the applicant to provide an overview of his qualifications.

Good questions that evaluate an applicant's knowledge of the industry and company include "What do you know about our company so far?" and "How could you impact the growth and development of our company?" Interviewers can also ask questions about skills and experience such as "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" and "How has your education and work experience prepared you for this position?"

Question about previous positions are also critical in evaluating an applicant. Questions such as "What was the most satisfying aspect of your previous position?" or "Why are you leaving your job?" often provide insight into a candidate's experience and attitude toward employers. Interviewers can also ask the applicant to identify personality traits that may benefit the company or inquire about how former co-workers and supervisors might describe his skills and ability to work with others. Many interviewers choose to close the interview with the question "Why should we hire you?" to evaluate a candidate's sales skills.