What Are Some Good Ideas for Silent Auctions?


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Some good ideas for a silent auction are vacations, professional sport theme baskets, dining experiences, music memorabilia and gift cards. Remember that silent auctions should have a variety of items to sell but not too many that it reduces the sense of urgency. Quality over quantity creates a more fast paced auction with people trying to win the few items available, as noted by Fundraiser Help.

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People want to bid on experiences or items that they feel cannot be bought elsewhere. Local professional sport teams will generally donate a signed item for a nonprofit organization auction. Pairing the signed item with other sport related items like tickets, jerseys or posters, the basket could raise more money than if sold separately.

Creating a package for popular attractions like Disney World or skiing can entice people to spend some money. Family vacations create memories that last a lifetime, so people are willing to spend some money to go, as reported by the Fundraising Authority. Some venues will offer packages and send a demonstration for the auction with information and pictures so it's ready made.

Including items like gift cards and popular music memorabilia is an easy way to guarantee some money coming in since they are items that are popular and easy to display or use. Also, it is important to note that big ticket items like the experiences should be advertised beforehand so people come in willing to spend some money.

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