What Are Some Good Ideas for Retirement Speeches?


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A good retirement speech should contain a vote of thanks to designated parties. It should also mention how long the retiree has worked for the company and include a brief review of the positions held over the years. The speaker can conclude with reminiscing about some old memories.

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The retirement speech should start by thanking the person that ushered the speaker to the podium followed by the audience for finding time to grace the event. After that, the speaker should provide a brief review of the various positions that he has held since he or she joined the organization. However, if the retiree is still working in the same department and position that he held when he joined the company, he may mention some of the changes that taken place over the years.

The retiree may proceed to speak about any awards that they received during their tenure at the company. An inclusion of light anecdotes may give the audience a glimpse of the tribulations that he went through to achieve those goals. It should however not be a long monotonous speech; it is prudent to end it quickly to allow other items of the agenda to proceed or the meeting to wind up.

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