What Are Some Good Ideas for Employee Incentives?

Some good ideas for employee incentives include reward incentives, compensation incentives, recognition incentives and appreciation incentives. An event, object, action or item of value is an incentive, and it is intended to entice employees to work hard. Employers generally use incentives to boost workplace morale, productivity and employee performance.

Reward incentives include gift certificates, service awards, monetary rewards and reward certificates. Compensation incentives may include profit-sharing, bonuses, stock options or salary increases. Recognition incentives generally include giving an employee a certificate of achievement, thanking an employee for service or praising an employee's performance. Appreciation incentive ideas include company picnics and parties, group lunches and group outings.

Other ideas for employee incentives include rewarding the top employee of the month with a reserved parking spot in an ideal location. Other ideas include providing small gifts to employees who add a family member or get married, rewarding an employee when he has been "caught" doing something above and beyond the call of duty, having an employee appreciation week that may include a big breakfast or luncheon, or having a children's artwork contest for the children of the employees. Door prizes for staff meetings are a good way to bring some fun into the meetings.