What Are Some Good Icebreakers for Meetings?


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Good meeting icebreakers include telling a joke or a funny story, talking about a current news event with the attendees or asking an open-ended question and inviting others to share their thoughts or answers. Icebreakers can be planned or spontaneous, depending on the formality of the situation.

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Icebreakers vary depending on the specific event or meeting. Business icebreakers at meetings tend to be more focused on a particular topic, whereas icebreaker speeches given at casual or entertainment events can be more loosely focused.

Icebreaker speeches help the speaker receive a more favorable and welcoming response from the audience, and they also serve as a warm-up for the speaker. A speaker who is feeling nervous before or during the beginning of the speech may be a little jumpy, have sweaty palms or show other signs of nervousness. Doing an icebreaker joke or exercise helps to lighten the mood and may even allow the speaker to be honest with the audience about the nervousness he is feeling. Audiences generally respond well to honesty and they often enjoy rooting for the underdog, so when a speaker is transparent about his nervousness, the audience members may more readily support the speaker and be receptive to what he is about to say.

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