What Are Some Good Games to Help Motivate Employees?


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Team-building games that boost employee motivation include games such as a concentration exercise where one group changes something on their person and another group guesses what they changed. Other motivational games are grab bag skits, take what you need, binder clip tag and treasure hunts.

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Grab bag skits are a creative way for employees to use their imagination as groups take turns acting out skits based on random objects out of a grab bag. After all skits are performed, employees vote for the best performance. Take what you need starts out with an air of mystery. As a roll of toilet paper passes among the group, each person is told to take what she needs, which means one or more individual sheets. For each sheet of paper taken, a personal fact must be shared with the group.

Binder clip tag can be played anytime of the day. This game only requires a single binder clip and willing participants. The game begins when one employee stealthily pins the designated office clip onto her office co-worker. Once the clip is discovered, that worker must find another co-worker to tag with the clip. An office treasure hunt involves giving employees clues about where to look for hidden objects. Clues, objects and hiding spots are decided by a team.

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