What Makes a Good Flyer?


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A good flyer catches and holds the attention of buyers. Elements such as a compelling title, an eye catching picture, a list of benefits for the customer and a balanced layout are essential in the making of an effective flyer.

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What Makes a Good Flyer?
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A good design uses contrasting colors. Black ink on bright paper (pale yellow, for instance) is a good combination, because the text will look readable without hurting the eyes. It is recommended that the text and graphical elements on the page be kept to a minimum, with lots of white padding to make them stand out.

A flyer title needs to be short and provocative. Including a catchy word in the title that makes the flyer even more compelling. Printing the title in large fonts make a flyer stand out and readable from a distance. The copy needs to be concise, focusing on what’s in it for the customer.Adding an interesting picture or graphic makes the flyer even more attractive and attention grabbing. The picture should be relevant while intriguing enough to a raise the curiosity of passers by.

Lastly, relevant information about the product and business, such as name, address and contact details, need to go at the bottom of the page.

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