What Are Some Good Firestone Tune-up Coupons?

As of October 2015, good Firestone tune-up coupons available from Firestone Complete Autocare include a coupon for a free code scan and another coupon that offers 50 percent off of the regular price of select routine maintenance services when purchased with a second regularly priced service. Automobile tune-up services related to this 50-percent off coupon include wheel alignment, checking of transmission fluid, coolant fluid service, fuel system cleaning and brake fluid exchange. Spark plug replacement is included.

Another Firestone coupon related to tune-up services includes an oil change using a synthetic blend of oil for $19.99. Services included in this coupon are the installation of a new oil filter and a refill of up to five quarts of new oil for your engine.

These Firestone coupons are available at national stores. However, local stores may also provide coupons for individual Firestone repair shops. Firestone recommends that shoppers check local store details on their website for coupon deals available only a regional store.

Regular engine tune-ups can improve the power and efficiency of your car, according to Firestone. Tune-up services at Firestone include a visual inspection of engine components and installation of new parts such as fuel filters and spark plugs if needed. When performed regularly, this tune-up service can help lower emissions and improve fuel economy, which can save money over the long-term life of your car.