What Are Some Good Fire-Resistant Boxes for Storing Important Papers?

Good fire-resistant boxes include the Honeywell Fire-Resistant Steel Security Box, the SentrySafe Waterproof Fire Chest and the SentrySafe Fire File. These fire-resistant boxes received mostly positive reviews on Amazon.com, the Walmart and Best Buy retail websites.

Reviews of the Honeywell Fire-Resistant Security Box note that the lightweight and sturdy box has a handle for easy transport. Reviewers also appreciate how well documents such as passports, photos and financial papers fit. However, some reviewers mention that the box does not close completely and does not lock properly. One reviewer states that the box, while large enough to store birth certificates and other small documents, it is too small for standard paper-sized documents, which must be folded.

Overall, reviewers found the SentrySafe Waterproof Fire Chest adequate for storing standard paper-sized documents and small items such as cash and jewelry. Reviewers also mention difficulty in closing and locking the box. Most reviewers agree that for the price, the SentrySafe Waterproof Fire Chest remains a good investment.

Reviews of the SentrySafe Fire File mention the design, which enables users to easily store and retrieve important documents. Several reviewers mention storing other items such as jewelry, passports and checkbooks inside. However, the majority of reviewers express disappointment that the fire file does not have a top or side handle.