What Is a Good Example of an Internship Resume?


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A good internship resume contains the applicant's contact information, education, relevant experience and professional references. It is specific to the internship, uniformly formatted, carefully proofread and honest. The applicant offers specific professional goals that show compatibility with the company.

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The applicant's name serves as a header for the resume and is printed in a larger font, such as 16 point. Personal contact information goes under the name in a normal professional font point before the body of the resume lists education, volunteer work and any professional experience. A good resume that shows an understanding of the industry and the employer gives the applicant a stronger chance of a call back. This is accomplished by tailoring the applicant's skills and accomplishments to the position available.

When choosing a reference, the applicant must ask for permission to submit information first and then ensure that the person knows enough about her professional work ethic and personal values to give an excellent reference. The reference includes the person's name, title, organization, phone number and email address. Portfolio materials are added in a separate folder or file and only include relevant work details that are tailored to the open position. It is recommended that the applicant have a third party read through the resume before it is submitted and make any edits needed to provide a professional document.

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