What Is a Good Example of a Cover Letter?

A good example of a cover letter enhances the information already contained in a resume. The advertised job description tailors a cover letter to ensure the letter has the necessary content to highlight the accomplishments of the applicant.

The cover letter should begin by addressing the appropriate individual who is in charge of the position the applicant is seeking. Sometimes, this is the human resources manager or the person who advertised the position. The first paragraph contains a salutation and explains the purpose of the letter.

The next paragraph includes a description of qualifications that were mentioned in the job description. The letter should mention about half of the advertised requirements or up to five, as a cover letter should be less than one page in length. This paragraph should emphasise what the applicant brings to the potential employer in the position he is applying for.

The final paragraph should describe how the applicant can be reached, including reliable contact information that the potential employer can use to communicate with the applicant. The applicant should conclude his letter by thanking the potential employer for his time and indicate his desire to meet in person to further discuss the open position.