What Are Some Good Employee Benefits?


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Good employee benefits include preventative health, personal welfare, retirement planning, paid time off and relocation benefits. Companies might also enjoy workplace-sponsored career development, more flexible schedules and workplace community programs.

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Besides the usual employee benefits, it's becoming more common as of 2015 for employers to offer preventative health benefits, which are intended to reduce overall health care expenses. Such benefits consist of yearly health risk assessments, discounts on health care for not smoking and reduced rates for participating in wellness programs.

Because employees now take on more responsibility for their own retirement, companies have started offering retirement and savings plan benefits. Younger and more social employees may prefer to work for an employer that offers company sports teams, social clubs, executive clubs and day care. Each service is designed to help employees settle in their workplace.

Some companies offer flexible schedules that allow employees to work from home, have flex days and work more flexible shifts. Career development benefits are intended to better educate employees by having them take classes paid for by the company and attend training programs. Online learning and open courses have proven to be among the most beneficial in regards to giving employees the tools needed to succeed at work.

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