Who Are Some Good Doctors in Prescott, Arizona?

Highly rated doctors in Prescott, Arizona, include Ellen F. Brunch, J. D. Morris, Nancy Blum, Bruce Packer and Karen L. Yates. These doctors specialize in family medicine or internal medicine and are ranked three stars or higher on the Healthgrades website.

Ellen Brunch specializes in family medicine and established the Concierge Family Care Practice in 2005. She treats a range of conditions, from allergies to diabetes and thyroid disease. J. D. Morris also practices family medicine and is the founder of the n1Health medical practice. Among other procedures, he uses FotoFinder to detect melanoma and can perform ultrasounds to locate diseases in areas such as the heart.

Nancy Blum practices family medicine from her family practice and has admitting privileges to both the Yavapai Regional Medical Center East Campus and West Campus. Patients at her practice report low wait times, clean offices and a high level of trust.

Bruce Packer specializes in internal medicine and operates Arizona Adult and Pediatric Medicine. Patients reports that Dr. Packer is a good communicator and invests significant time in helping his patients understand their conditions. Karen Yates also specializes in internal medicine. Her patients report low wait times and a high level of courtesy from her staff.