What Are Some Good Directories for Listing a Corporate Email Address?

Search engines, customer and merchant review services, online phone directories, mapping services, and business journals offer unique strengths for businesses looking to list corporate email addresses. The corporate email listing should serve a service's primary users, whether they are customers, partners, employees or some other group.

Search engines and online phone directories such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and YellowPages offer simple, accessible formats for listing email addresses. Each major search engine offers free listing services that appear at the front of search inquiries.

Listing corporate email addresses for customers requires some strategic consideration. For example, when listing email addresses to receive customer complaints, it is not a good idea to list them on a consumer review website such as Yelp, which can cause an increase in negative reviews. On the other hand, if customers are primarily searching for directions, it may be worth listing a corporate email with a mapping service such as MapQuest.

Often corporate email addresses need tight controls. Private services such as LinkedIn and proprietary directories may be the best option when confidentiality is required.