What Is a Good Design for a Small Spanish-Style Home?


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A good design for a small Spanish-style home is one that includes the trademark terracotta roof tiles for which Spanish-style homes are known, and exposed beams holding the house upright, according to Floor Plans. The terracotta roof tiles are customary to Spanish-style homes because of their resistance to the bright sunlight and the heat where these homes are situated.

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Spanish-style homes are typically asymmetrical, to create a interesting facade, explains Home Plans. The homes which are normally built in hot, humid areas typically have exposed beams or arches which create a dramatic effect and allow a circular airflow inside and outside the home. The outside of the home is usually covered in stucco to create a contrast to the red terracotta roofing that comes with the home.

Within the house, the floors usually have tiles to create a cooling effect on the feet, thereby alleviating the effects of the hot weather, notes Floor Plans. The typical Spanish-style home often features a lanai or outdoor sitting area to enjoy the outside weather while having a cover to avoid the direct sunlight. Owners often decorate the courtyard or rear yard with heat-friendly plants such as cacti or palm trees, and these plants define a typical Spanish-style home landscape.

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