What Are Good Customer Service Goals?

Examples of good customer service goals include gaining customers, closing sales, taking care of problems and keeping service calls as short as possible without compromising on delivering quality service. Excellent customer service is one of the most effective ways both to retain customers and bring in new customers.

To gain customers, an associate should offer customers a warm smile and greeting, even over the phone. Customer service associates should also thank customers when they leave the store or when ending a phone conversation. In regards to closing sales, an associate should focus on providing customers with as many options as possible, making sure the associate listens to the customer’s needs and thoroughly answers the customer’s questions.

Taking care of problems should be done in a way that benefits the company as well as the customer. The associate needs to listen to the customer’s problem and use the given information to develop an effective solution, such as either replacing an unsatisfactory product or making improvements to a service.

Service calls should be kept as short as possible in order to save the company time and money. A sales or service call should also take full advantage of the money spent on customer interaction.