What Makes a Good Customer Comment Card?


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A good customer comment card has a professional appearance, provides a reward or incentive for customers to fill it out and respects customers' time. A good card also only addresses or asks about issues the business is open to changing.

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Good customer comment cards are accessible. For example, they can be stacked near a store's cash register and displayed prominently on the store's website. A business may also want to email comment cards to certain groups of customers. The cards should be professional looking, whether they are printed or virtual. They are free of typos and grammatical errors and do not require customers to invest more than a few minutes of their time. The cards should also provide some sort of motivation for a customer to fill them out. For example, a store could offer 20 percent off the customer's next purchase.

Quality customer cards are easy for customers to turn in and should provide options such as a drop box, postal mail and online forms.

A customer comment card should only solicit ideas on issues a business is willing to change. For instance, if a business knows it never plans to open on Mondays and Tuesdays, it should not ask a question like "How do you feel about the shop being closed Mondays and Tuesdays?"

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