What Is a Good Credit Score Range to Get a Car Loan?

good-credit-score-range-car-loan Credit: Courtney Keating/E+/Getty Images

A good credit score range for obtaining a car loan is 720 to 850 regardless of loan length, states myFICO. However, Bankrate states that the best terms go to borrowers with credit scores of at least 740 but that borrowers with scores of at least 700 should get satisfactory rates.

Each lender sets its own rates, so a consumer should call individual lenders to find out their preferred score ranges, myFICO states.

Lenders use tiered pricing in which loan rates rise as credit scores decrease, according to Bankrate. Through that system, a buyer with a credit score of 698 may pay significantly more for a car loan than someone with a score of 700, depending on the lender.