What Is a Good Cover Letter Template That Is Not Job Specific?


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The best way to write a cover letter that is not job specific is to write a letter that is industry specific. Job seekers should list the types of industries they wish to work in and focus their cover letter on why they want to work in that particular industry.

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When writing a cover letter that is not job specific, the letter should start with an introduction that states the applicant's interest in the industry. The introduction should state that the applicant is pleased to submit their resume to that particular company, stating how the applicant is seeking opportunities for growth in the particular industry in which the applicant is applying. The letter should ask the employer to review the applicant's credentials, asking the reader to save the resume for future job vacancies.

The second paragraph of the letter should describe the applicant's functional expertise, focusing on the particular skills that are required for the industry in which the applicant is applying. Another paragraph should focus on the applicant's ability to work as a team, describe the time-management capabilities of the applicant or highlight his communication skills. The applicant's professional characteristics should also be highlighted. A closing paragraph should state the applicant's desire to schedule a face-to-face interview.

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