What Are Some Good Company Logo Ideas?


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Methods for developing an effective company logo include focusing on the purpose and function of the company, ensuring the concept accurately conveys the company's purpose, and utilizing both a textual and graphical approach to allow for a variety of uses. The logo should consist of colors that accurately reflect the company's themes and avoid anything overly trendy or that limits the company's potential.

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Choosing the right logo for a company begins with a thorough analyses of its purpose, beliefs, practices and services to create a clear understanding of the message it must project. This allows the company to effectively advertise its brand and benefits through the logo and bring uniformity to all advertising campaigns by incorporating the most important aspects of the company. For example, a company that delivers packages may use a picture of a package in the logo to reinforce its main service, while a clothing company that specializes in beachwear may use those elements to evoke the feelings of summer.

The logo also needs to tie directly or tangentially into the company's purpose, avoiding any irrelevant colors or images, such as a farm equipment company making a dinosaur as its logo. The logo also needs to consider the name of the company to ensure the logo matches its official corporate styling, with some companies also making the name a key element of the logo. The logo should also avoid concepts or themes that may date it to customers over time or by using a color scheme that contrasts with its purpose.

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