What Are Good Commission-Paid Sales Jobs?

What Are Good Commission-Paid Sales Jobs?

Many of the highest-paid commission sales jobs are located in the banking industry, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, tech companies and brokerage firms. Some of the positions in these sectors offer a base salary plus incentives, whereas others are completely driven by sales commissions.

Commission-paid sales jobs are a good fit for people who prefer a risk-reward pay structure, because the burden for earning falls primarily on the individual employee's effectiveness at the job.

Within the banking industry, loan gurus are considered strong examples of commission-driven employees. Their commission depends on how many loans they generate, be they credit, business, personal or home loans.

Insurance agents make commissions on the policies they sell in a variety of divisions, including the life, home, auto, property and health insurance divisions. For example, life insurance agents often earn over half of the first-year premium of a policy as commission.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives visit hospitals and doctors to convince them to prescribe a brand of medicine, and they typically earn a percentage of the profit as commission. Stock brokers often get a small base salary from their associated brokerage firm, but most of their earnings lie in commissions.

Finally, sales engineers for tech companies earn strong commissions based on their ability to sell software and other technologies to businesses.