What Is a Good Checklist for Home Inspection?


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A good checklist for a home inspection includes checking for signs of wear on shingles, gaps around doors, cracked caulk, stripped paint, leaks in the roof, poorly directed vents and water stains, says Popular Mechanics. Individuals should also check for termites, cracks in the foundation and noise from the heater.

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Gaps around doors could be an indication that the foundation of the house is starting to shift, notes Popular Mechanics. Repairing cracked caulk helps keep water out, and taking care of stripped paint helps protect the home's wooden siding from the effects of the weather. All dryer and bathroom vents should be angled to the exterior of the house, not into the basement, attic or garage. The resulting build up of moisture can result in the development of mold and mildew.

Buyers of older and new properties should have a home inspection performed before making an offer. If a new home was built with a faux stone veneer, it's more likely to develop problems from bugs and water when compared to an older home made with genuine materials, says Popular Mechanics.

A home inspector may make write-ups for routine maintenance more than anything else, notes Popular Mechanics. Keeping up with regular inspections, servicing, and fixing known issues can potentially save time and money on a home inspection.

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