What Are Some Good Cheap Self-Storage Options?

Cheap self-storage options include CubeSmart, Smartbox and U-Pack. CubeSmart offers discounts and special deals on traditional storage units at its storage facilities. Smartbox and U-Pack deliver storage containers to the customer, and customers save money by paying for actual space used. Self Storage Deals helps people find cheap self-storage options by offering price comparisons. Cheap self-storage units are found by typing a Zip Code into its search box.

Self-storage facilities such as CubeSmart entice new customers by offering one or two months of free storage in addition to discounted monthly storage fees. CubeSmart also provides its customers with a free local moving truck to haul goods to some of its storage facilities. SmartBox is an alternative type of self-storage service that provides customers with storage containers that hold up to 3,000 pounds.

Customers can fill one or more SmartBox container and use its storage estimator tool to calculate the number of Smartboxes needed. Items from a one bedroom apartment typically fit inside of one or two Smartboxes, while items from items from a three bedroom home require three or four Smartboxes. U-Pack also provides portable self-storage containers at a cost savings but is a better choice for short-term storage during moves. Portable storage containers should be packed tightly to prevent damage.