What Does a Good Character Letter Look Like?


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A professional character reference letter resembles a business letter. First, the contact information for the writer is listed, followed by a few spaces, and then the contact information for the recipient is listed. The letter should contain a proper address, several paragraphs and an appropriate signature.

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A letter of good moral character is more informal than most letters, but should maintain proper decorum to show credibility to the recipient. The first paragraph should contain introductory information about the letter writer and his relationship to the person in question. The body of the paragraph contains anecdotes and stories that highlight the true character of that person. Information acknowledging that the writer understands why the letter is being written for the person should be included as well. Each paragraph is separated by a full space.

Good character references are most effective when they avoid generalities and instead give examples and illustrations are the person's good qualities. For example, if the letter states that a person is generous, it could give an example of a time when the person showed generosity.

At the close of the letter, the writer needs to express full disclosure and the willingness to confirm the accounts listed in the previous paragraphs. It is important to close the letter with the appropriate language. Most character reference letters end with a professional salutation followed by the name of the writer and his contact information.

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