What Are Good Careers for ISTJ Personality Types?


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ISTJ personality types prefer to work in environments that are stable, quiet, organized, structured and have well-established rules and regulations that all colleagues follow. They also prefer jobs that allow them to solve logical problems in an orderly way. Examples of jobs that ISTJs gravitate toward include accountant, auditor, chief information officer, office manager, property manager, statistician, economist, airplane pilot, librarian, civil engineer, judge, environmental engineer and police officer.

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In the workplace, ISTJs are dependable and meticulous, taking deadlines and specifications very seriously. The ISTJs like to work independently, though they appreciate being a member of a team if their colleagues are reasonable and professional. As team members, ISTJs are dependable and task-focused, having little patience if team members discuss emotions or relationships. As leaders, ISTJs set clear expectations and procedures and may overlook social niceties.

ISTJ stands for introverted, sensing, thinking, judging. As introverts, they are reserved, controlled, self-motivated and deliberate. As sensing, they are realistic, practical, detail-oriented and traditional. Their thinking side makes them logical, objective, pragmatic and level-headed. Their judging side makes them orderly, responsible, methodical and hard-working. Examples of career paths that ISTJs are least likely to pursue include acting, cosmetology, music, retail, graphic design, journalism and child care.

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