What Are Some Good Careers for the Future?

What Are Some Good Careers for the Future?

As of 2015, some good occupations for the future – those for which demand is increasing and which offer livable incomes – include doctor and nurse, software developer, energy engineer, financial analyst and long-haul truck driver. Other jobs that are growing in demand are accountant, sonographer, mechanical insulation worker, physical therapist and physical therapy assistant, and personal care aide.

An aging population and better access to health care due to the Affordable Care Act have increased the need for many types of medical professionals. Doctors, both general practice physicians and specialists, are in high demand. Nursing, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants, has long been a top career choice. Nurse practitioners and physician's assistants take on some of the duties of physicians and are increasing in demand. Physical and occupational therapists and their assistants and aides are also in higher demand.

Information technology is another area of high growth and high pay. Information security analysts, systems analysts, app developers and management in this industry are all good career choices.

With energy becoming an ever-greater concern, engineers who can develop alternative energy systems and improve existing systems are in high demand.

Transporting goods on land is a steady need, so tractor-trailer truck driving and other heavy truck driving remain good careers.