What Are Some Good Careers in the Automotive Industry?


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Good careers in the automotive industry include body and related repairers, auto racing, claims adjusters and sales supervisors. These are lucrative careers, depending on the individual’s education and specialty.

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What Are Some Good Careers in the Automotive Industry?
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Car body repair employees may find jobs with the federal government, car manufacturers and postal service among other employers. Other related jobs include tire development, glass repair and electronic equipment installation and repair. Car body repair technicians generally earn more than their counterparts.

Jobs in the auto racing industry include drivers, body repairers, mechanics, mechanical engineers and painters. Mechanical engineers are the highest earners in the industry. There are also job opportunities for first-line supervisors in auto racing who are responsible for overseeing pit crew maintenance.

Claims adjusters are responsible for identifying and estimating car damage. They are usually required to have work experience and undergo vocational training. Auto insurance appraisers and other qualified insurance specialists also have good career prospects and earn sizable incomes in the automotive industry.

Lastly, car sales associates and sales supervisors are instrumental in getting people to purchase new cars. Factors that may affect earnings include sales bonuses, compensation structure and the dealership where one works. First-line supervisors generally earn more than their counterparts and have bigger responsibilities.

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