What Are Good Career Goals?

Some good career goals for workers include never becoming complacent at their jobs, knowing their own salary worth and keeping their skills up to date. These goals can help employees achieve success in the workplace without getting burnt out.

One highly useful goal workers should strive for is constant self-assessment. This means frequently examining where they are in their careers and determining whether they have hit a plateau. All too often, the routine work at a job can become second nature and workers can become complacent, letting themselves become sidetracked from their true aspirations and failing to advance or develop new skills. It is important to step back and make sure that a position is actually satisfying; if not, it becomes necessary to examine the steps needed to get back on track.

Another important goal for workers is to realize how much they are really worth on the job market. Even if a job seems ideal, a situation in which an employee’s salary is not equivalent to his skills or abilities is not helpful for a career. Whether it’s keeping track of the industry, looking up average salaries on websites or actually going out on job interviews, employees should make it a goal to always be aware of what their work is actually worth. Similarly, employees should always be honing their skills and keeping them up to date. Workers should make it a goal to be learning constantly and developing new skills to move their careers forward.