What Is a Good Business Plan for a Massage Company?


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A good business plan for a massage company is one that includes the strategic location of the business, the service charges, a business vision, marketing strategies and plans for how to nurture the business. Another important component is an equipment and supplies list. Creating a concise plan one's vision for the business, now and in the future, provides guidelines to follow as the business grows.

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Establishing a strategic location for a massage business is crucial to the success of the company. According to Ann Ross, a massage marketing mentor, the business location must avoid areas with high competition. This, she states, should be a primary goal of the business plan. The location must also be clean, safe and convenient for the clients. Conducting market research before setting charges for services is also a component of a good business plan. The plan must indicate balanced charges to avoid overcharging or undercharging customers and to aid in customer retention.

One must also create a good business vision, such as a philosophy on the powers of massage therapy, that attracts clients. Marketing is another crucial section of a business plan as it outlines strategies to win and retain clients. A nurturing plan includes things like referral programs, pre-booking sessions, massage specials and thank you cards, all of which contribute to building a solid business-client relationship.

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