What Are Some Good Answers for Common Interview Questions?

Effective answers to common interview questions should focus on highlighting the positive aspects of the candidate while relating directly to the company, without placing any party in a negative light. They should show an understanding of company culture and expectations while demonstrating an ability to be self-reflecting and honest about strengths and weaknesses without feeling disingenuous.

Many interview questions ask the candidate to describe herself or her past work experiences, which can lead to answers that come off as false or make her seem like a poor fit for the position. For example, if an interviewer asks the candidate to describe herself, she should provide a short pitch that sums up her best skills and her vision for her future rather than explaining her full personal or work history or using generic phrases. Similarly, if the interviewer asks why she wants the job, the candidate should show earnest enthusiasm for being a part of the company and having the opportunity to be a part of the work it does.

Another common interview question asks the candidate to list her greatest weaknesses. The answer to this question should have a positive focus rather than overtly stating a failure, such as being overly dedicated to tasks instead of excessive tardiness. The candidate can also use this as an opportunity to show the employer that she takes the time to evaluate herself and identify the ways she can improve.